We’ve already raised over $9m through our investor network in this funding round. It’s been amazing to see the enthusiasm investors have for TruRating and the impact when they connect us to their networks. We’ve been struck by how powerful it is to have friends  of the business looking out for, and talking about TruRating. We would love more!

That’s why we want to give all our network – and the wider crowd – the chance to be part of the TruRating journey. Working with Seedrs makes this simple for anyone who wants to get involved.

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We’re on a mission to change the way the world gains insight. We’re using the point of payment – in store or  online, and however people pay – to ask each customer a single, quick question about their experience. Retailers,  hospitality and leisure businesses can finally hear from a majority of their real customers and connect ratings to  spend and purchases – supporting better decisions and  improved experiences. 

We’re also building a consumer site to showcase recommended locations - using mass feedback to create  trusted results. Every rating contributes to our donation to children’s charities.  

Our foundation is our hard-won integrations with many of  the world’s largest payments businesses. These have  taken years to put in place and put us in a great position  to scale and realise further polling & 3rd party analytics  opportunities.

What we do

Live in Australia, 

New Zealand, UK, 

Ireland, Canada and 


Of customers are rating

in-store and 50%+online


collected including

product and 

transaction info

Real time ratings 

collected in-store 

and online

Where we are

6 Countries

35 Million

2 Billion

Up to 90%

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 Thank you for your interest in TruRating. We hope you’ll join us on our journey - and help us to Push Today. Better Tomorrow.

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